Tips to lose weight fast (TOP 3 TIPS)

Tips to lose weight fast

Tips to lose weight fast

The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry and they don’t really care if you succeed or not. They don’t care that you do not succeed, and they want you to be clueless about how to lose weight,because they want you to believe and buy their magic pills. On this website I want you to learn the principles to lose weight. The system is simple, you just have to follow 3 main tips to lose weight:

Eat right. Exercise. Take supplements.

All the marketing that goes in the weight loss products makes you believe that you can look to like the model on the package. Just take the product and you will look like that. Many people fall for it… year after year. These weight loss supplements have their use and good results but they have to go hand in hand with 2 other tips to lose weight. These are: eating right and exercising.
The decision to lose weight is a good one, it improves you look and appearance and it makes you more healthy. And that is what I believe in, weight loss is to be healthy and look better, and stay like that. I hope you are as excited to learn these three principles to lose weight as I am trying to teach them and spread the word!

1 :  Eat Right

If you want to lose weight you have to start eating better. It doesn’t matter what the marketing of the weight loss products says… there are no miracles. You believe in these products because you want to lose weight with a magic pill, without eating better or exercising. It would be a better world if there was a magic pill, but there are no magic pills… just look at how many fat people are out there that already tried the products.

So how do you eat right? To eat right for health and weight loss is not as complicated as it sounds. You have to look more at the types of foods than at the quantity. The quantity and portion size also plays an important role, but you should first focus on the types of foods, then you can still eat and feel full and have benefits and weight loss. The things you should avoid are fatty foods and sugar.
Foods that are fatty are junk food, chips, etc.

Drinks with sugar like soft drinks and juices have a lot of sugar. Drink water instead.
Having healthy eating habits is something that you have to learn now and apply for the rest of your life. You will feel better and live longer because of it. You will lose weight and you will not die because of a heart attack. Make you children happy by not dying to young, I think you have the right to get to know you grand children in the future. Life is good so make it longer.

You can do this by getting some healthy eating recipes on the Internet and by buying some good healthy recipe books. Then you also don’t get bored of making the same thing over and over again.
You should also put more spices and herbs on you food. This will make you fell full much quicker, then you don’t need to eat as much!

2 :  Exercise

One of the best things you can do for weight loss and having a better life is exercising regularly. You don’t need to do a lot of exercise and you don’t need to do it hard. If you never did exercise before start by walking. Then after some months step it up. You have to feel good with yourself while you do it. Make it fun and do a collective sport, go walk with a friend or family member.

Exercise is important because it makes you burn calories. If you eat healthy and less then you put less calories in your body. The two tips to lose weight together make you lose weight and feel better at the same time. If you are starting out with exercise, don’t jump into it, take it slow.

To keep you motivated the best thing is to find a workout partner. If you go to the gym, go walking, go running, do yoga, whatever… get a partner. Having a sport partners gives you the responsibility that you have to show up and it will be a motivation generator. It will keep you focused and make exercise less boring. Get an exercise partner!

Exercising can be very boring, so be prepared to change it up. Try out different things, walking, running, yoga, tai chi, fitness, body combat, spinning, lift weights, etc. Try everything out, it will keep you moving and that is what counts. When you find something you like then you will naturally stick with it!

Tips to lose weight fast

 3 : Weight Loss Supplements

Yes you heard me right! I was bashing the weight loss marketing strategies but it does not mean that weight loss supplements are useless. When combined with exercise and healthy eating a weight loss supplement will help you lose weight quicker and make it less hard for you. These weight loss pills don’t work on their own and that is why we need exercise and healthy eating habits.

There are different fat loss products that you can try out on the market. To start out I recommend using a colon cleanse supplement, which will make you lose about 5 pounds in about a week, it will make you feel better and give you more motivation. Then after that you can get something to accelerate you metabolism on the Internet. There are many trials available on the Internet, this means you can get the first month for FREE! You can order a few different ones and use a different one every month :) Then when you find a good one you can buy it


If you are interested to lose weight fast you have come to the right place. On this site I will not play the fake game of saying you will do it with a miracle supplement. Here I give you real tips to lose weight fast and you should read all the articles on this site to know the basics about fast weight loss. This information will give you the right mentality to lose weight and good tips to lose weight fast and keep it off.

The most products on tv, magazines and the Internet promise you a dream body with the use of one product. Then you buy it and read the disclaimer and you can already feel that maybe it won’t give you the effects that it promised on the commercial. After you use the product you get disappointed because you took the weight loss supplement and you didn’t loose weight while you were drinking coke and eating burgers.

This may be a surprise to you but it is not to me or anybody that lost weight successfully. There are many promises of fast weight loss and rapid weight loss. It is possible but not with a magic weight loss pill. Losing weight has 3 components: eating right, exercising, and weight loss supplements. The first of the three basic tips to lose weight fast is looking at what you eat.
First of all you need to eat less to get your caloric intake down. Do this slowly, don’t stop eating for 2 or 3 days and the quit, it will only make you fatter. This up and down effect is not good for your body and you know you will have some craving and eat like a ping again. To eat less you should start eating less at a slow pace, after a week you can already see that you can fit less in your stomach, you will feel better and you will feel full with less food. You should use more herbs on your food, which will make you full quicker.

You also have to watch the quality of you food and drinks. Reduce the amounts of sweets, junk food and drinks with sugar (soft drinks and “natural” juices also, they all have a ridiculous amount of sugar). If you want fast weight loss you should remove all junk food and soft drinks from your diet, even if it is just for a few weeks. Get used to eat fruit, if you want a snack get a piece of fruit (forget the chocolate or chips, they make you fat). Keep in mind that certain fruits also have a lot of calories, like avocado and bananas.

The second tip of the three tips to lose weight fast is exercise. While eating right prevents you from ingesting too much calories, exercise helps your body burn calories and makes you feel healthier. After all you are doing what your body was made for: moving and not sitting at home watching tv and eating chips. Achieving fast weight loss with exercise is a myth if you are expecting to lose weight in a week. Although it is not a miracle there are no miracle tips to lose weight.

The last tip of the tips to lose weight fast is to use supplements. There are many good supplements to help you lose weight but if you want to lose weight fast then the best supplement is a colon cleanse supplement the so called colon cleanser. This will help you get 4 to 8 pounds of waste from your colon and intestines and it will make you feel much better. This will give you motivation to continue with you other weigh loss challenges.

The tips to lose weight fast are not miracles and the effects are seen when you do all three things: eat right, exercise and take supplements. Doing only one will not give visible results and certainly not for fast weight loss. I hope you feel motivated to start your weight loss journey and stick with it to become your best self! Stick with it this time, I want you to succeed!


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